Aluminum Round Bar

Next to steel, Aluminum is the next most popular metal. Aluminum provides strong structural support without the additional weight of steel. We stock Aluminum in types 6061, 3003, and 5052(upon request).

Brass Round Bar

Brass is metal mixture of copper and zinc. Brass is often used in mechanical operations where low friction qualities are needed. Brass is also used in decorative art designs. We stock Brass Type 360.

Copper Round Bar

Copper is an electrician’s friend. Copper is used as an excellent conductor of electricity. Copper is also corrosion resistant and easily machineable. Artists often use copper due to its beautiful finish. We stock Copper Type 110.

Steel Round Bar

Cold Roll Steel
Cold Roll is a production finishing process of steel. Cold Roll Steel is often used when needing strength and excellent machinability. We stock Cold Roll Types 1018, 1045, and 4140. Other alloys are available upon request.

Steel Round Bar

Hot Roll Steel
Hot Roll is another production finishing process of steel. Hot Roll Steel is a general purpose, inexpensive material when strength is needed but surface quality is not necessary. We stock Hot Roll Steel Type 1018. Other alloys are available upon request.

Stainless Steel Round Bar

Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel is a strong, corrosive resistant material that is used when good looks and a clean surface are needed (i.e. kitchens and hospitals). Stainless Steel is also used in many design applications. We stock Stainless Steel Types 303, 304, and 316. Other alloys are available upon request.